take my earbuds out back

i need new headphones, i don't know why this hasn't been a higher priority. my earbuds snap, crackle, pop; i'm about to take them out behind the shed to put them out of their misery (someone find me a .45).

i need two sets, one for the office & one for the gym/biking. i'm thinking about these for the office, any other suggestions?

above image from something monumental.


please sir said...

Love that image! These seem to be the latest design -


Not sure if they can be purchased yet? Pretty neat - and form a necklace!

Eric said...

I just bought some new in-ear headphones about a week ago, and I love them so far. I got a pretty expensive set, and I'm not sure if you want earbuds, in-ear buds, or full blown headphones, but if you want to try the in-ear kind, there's a good comparison over at Gizmodo. They break it down by price range.

divya said...

I have these and LOVE them:


They're only $30, are super comfortable, and sound great. Come by and try them if you want!