bad desire - allison manch

i caught an article about grey lounge, i mentioned it to a friend, that friend mentioned a free set there as part of decibel festival on saturday, i went with her. i really liked the space, the staff was really friendly, drinks were cheap (for happy hour) & the cheese board was yummy. but most importantly - i loved the show, bad desire by allison manch.

from the grey website, "bad desire, a collection of embroidered narratives, highlights the crux of love, sex & yearning. manch draws themes from squandered romance and contemplates her own fateful memoir using contemporary myth and motif. she integrates embroidery on collected and black-washed handkerchiefs. the exhibition imagery contains jewelry, wild animals and pop music lyrics, which refer to innate as well as gluttonous sources of yearning."

i loved it all & would have given a pinky toe to go to her diy night in the lounge in august. grab a bevy for happy hour & check out her show through the 4th of october.

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