hand stitched calendars

i'm so happy to announce my 2009 calendars! inspired by small objects, i created a tear away desktop calendar for all to enjoy. each month cycles through colors, starting with a blue green shifting to lime & further to coral & has a matching hand stitched detail. they are printed on bright white, 80lb cardstock with a cardboard back.

i had a lot of fun making these & the padding compound was really fun to work with; i'm going to be a notepad queen soon enough seeing that i now own a quart of it. i'll let you know when these beauties are in the etsy shop! see more pics here.


jess gonacha said...

this is SOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous, ann! i love it!!!

divya said...

these look awesome! but i couldn't get your picassa link to work...can't wait to see more of them!

Janine said...

absolutely love the calendars. Really! Really! Awesome! Have you ever got that why didn't I think of that feeling, but I know mine wouldn't even rival yours. Beautiful and Functional.