new rings from antonio murphy & astro of bape fame. can't get 'em in the states, but ebay sells everything.

my lure to all things pow are different than most - it started when my sister stumbled upon (was snooping around my room) a letter i was writing to alanis morisette in 7th grade. i believe it read something like, "dear alanis, you are so pow!" she immediately called her best friend to laugh at my expense. i never heard the end of it, from either one & now i want this ring to commemorate it. too bad it's $170 & made of plastic.


dave said...

Plastic is the new gold!

Anonymous said...

No, to be more accurate-the letter to Alanis was lying open on Grandpa DeOtte's desk in the downstairs family room. Excuse me if POW written in all capitals peaked my interest and I had to read further. Like you wouldn't have done the same thing if the tables were turned. Get over it!