where i'll be tonight

i know, lots of posting, but it's friday. i'm heading to this opening at fancy & hoping to visit schmancy & nancy too.

i'm hoping to make the previously mentioned notepads - maybe they'll be a calendar. yeah. also finishing up ming's throw pillows (full post coming soon, think stencils & embroidery); they're going to be killa. shit, i have a mailer to do for architects without borders too - an invite to their upcoming carve for a cause event. i'm also hoping to do a tour of a less frequently traveled neighborhood (by me at least), maybe wallingford or phinney ridge.

have a lovely weekend. enjoy the sun, cross things off your to do list & surround yourself with people you love.


please sir said...

Cool - sounds like a great time - have a fab weekend!

littlebyRD said...

Busy busy! All sounds like really good stuff. Can't wait to see what a picture of the pillows - they are sounding very nice!