d'eez stamps

i love stamps. it's a fad, i know this - i'm fine with it.

in the last few months i've become curious about printing processes. i tried screenprinting & it was too intense, i thought about buying a gocco or taking a letter press class, but turns out i'm cheap. i starting toying with the idea of linocuts or block printing so i bought supplies for linoleum block printing & took a stab at that. i failed to think about printing (ie. the ink & roller) my cut so i headed down to utretch & remembered that i wanted to try making rubber stamps after seeing this post on red relvet art. soooo, i picked up ink, a roller & some .25" rubber pads.

i had some time last night so i got motivated. i just drew my design (i always embroider a circle on my projects, so this can transfer to paper) on a 1.5" square of the rubber, cut it out using the speedball cautting tools, rolled out the ink, applied it to the stamp & pressed the circled d to the paper. super easy peasy.

this post led me to review my latest projects folder. what is my issue with pink?

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divya said...

why does that look so yummy - can you come make me some sugar cookies with pink frosting and "D's" all over them?