found art

i got back from hawaii late last night; it was 88 & sunny when i left maui - it was 52 & raining when i got home. i'll have pics up by tomorrow.

today my found art post was discovered by another, slightly north. i just love this wheatpaste octopus with birdies (by flickr user howard stern oner) & the photos of it are just perfect. check out his personal blog as well.

i've been seeing a lot about the street art collective, owl tree, in capitol hill & i've yet to be there. in fact, i'm not even sure where it is in my lovely neighborhood, can anyone assist?


The Lil Bee said...

Woah, wait a minute...were we in Hawaii at the same time?! How weird is that!

jess gonacha said...

ooh, cool! i love this. glad hawaii was great! (LUCKY.) :)

divya said...

whoa, i really like this! what building was it on? is it in seattle?

dottie said...

yeah, apparently the owl tree is in cap hill. i'm going on a mission to find it this weekend.