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most of the deotte clan (& more clearly, my feet) made it to hawaii for my cousin carrie's wedding. my short trip was filled with ample beach time & a large amount of family time (which really means eating, drinking & smartass time). maui was beautiful, warm & sunny. my parents, brother & i stayed in between wailea & kihei; our balcony had panoramic views & was enjoyed most mornings with coffee & a book (i finally finished under the banner of heaven). after the slow mornings we'd head to the beach for some sun & surf. the water was warm & we spent hours playing in the waves; the waves at big beach were monsters & my dad was hard core in getting in on some washing machine action. after the beach we'd head home for lunch & some poolside beverages. let's face it - the deottes enjoy laying in the sun. the luau we attended for the rehearsal dinner was out of control; good food, beautiful music & shiny buff men in very little clothing. my final night was spent at carrie & adam's wedding, it was just perfect. i won't go into all the gushing about the location, the dress or the food - i'll just say, it was perfect. i'm so happy that i got to see my extended family & celebrate this occasion with them. mahalo!

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