time for tights

my dear friend natalie is in london right now & she just sent me the cutest email. it's about london & how fashionable everyone is, "it's all boots, flats with black tights and layers." first let me say that i miss nat already & i wish i could be gallivanting around with her. second, i'm coming to terms with the fact that it is fall here is seattle & it's time to get me some new tights!

last winter i sported only black, grey & brown, my two black pairs had huge holes in the asses & were very uncomfortable, but for some reason i wore them for like 8 months! in addition to a couple nice pairs of the basic colors i'd like to add some color, first on the list is burnt red or orange, maybe royal blue after that.

the question is, where do i turn? i've worn hue (macy's or nordstroms) in the past, heard that american apparel tights are horribly uncomfortable & target is cheap - but where are a reasonably priced pair of matte, opaque tights? ask metafilter.

image via styleclicker.

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