this is where the evening of celebration ended, pike & broadway in seattle. over 4000 people gathered & celebrated in the streets - peacefully with energy & love. it was an amazing night & while i'd like to say something really eloquent, last night's champagne is making it difficult. every time i hear stories, see images or think of my own situation - i get teary eyed & then i smile. i'm so happy i could pee.

i will say that it makes me so happy to think about the power that we have & how we are going to be the change that takes america through the next generation. imagine the progress that our children & grandchildren will see; it started decades ago, but was sparked again, by us, on november 4th, 2008. congratulations obama & cheers to the american people.

images from rod mar for the seattle times.

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The Lil Bee said...

You know, I've seen photos like this and videos from around the WORLD! In Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Boulder, Colorado, Kenya. I love that we all experienced that together. HE WON!!