loving wallingford

these are nights i love seattle; trudging through the rain i found two new spots that may just become favorites.

number 1: after chatting with swash press owner, julie cook, about holiday cards for my firm, i made a date to view her studio in wallingford. her space is so fantastic, the kind you dream about owning someday. julie was sweet as can be showing me how the presses work & talking me through prepress. i have to add, while it doesn't have much to do with her printing abilities, she's gorgeous to boot. i'm looking forward to the holiday cards & workshops in the spring.

number 2: i have a precious friend & as hard as we may try, we only end up seeing each other every few months. everytime feels like it's been no time at all & always involves lots of food & wine. last night was no exception; we were the only two patrons of joule & it was wonderful. i'm not a food critic, so i won't try to be one, but i'll tell you what we ate. starters, a nice full bodied cotes de rhone, suggested by the server. second, the green bean casserole with shitake mushrooms (yum), the cauliflower with golden raisins, cornbread with fresh gouda & scallions, & lamb sirloin with currents & yogurt (yum). finally, espresso chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (yum, yet unnecessary, malia believes in dessert & i had more than a couple bites). i'll go again & you should go tonight.

image via seattle.net.

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