ruffles were a bust

i'm sad to report that my steve madden patent ruffle t-straps were a huge bust. after maybe 10 wears, the patent started to peel off the toe & base of the shoe. i'm happy i bought them at nordstrom & am able to return them in full no matter what. i'm sad though. i really loved them, they were as comfortable as 3.5" heels can be & were soooo cute.

what's the story then? i'm back in the market. here are some i'm considering:

patent wedges from 80%20. my brother is friends with the owner & designer & she has some killer style. check out the full fall 2008 collection; boots with hidden wedges, sunburst sneakers, oxford wedges & these lovely wedge maryjanes.

dv by dolce vita. these are a little chunkier, but i love the big buckle & the balck/brown combo.

then there are these little lovers, naughty monkey's wild ways heels. look at that button!


please sir said...

OH I really love these shoes - they would look nice on my feet!

Tasha said...

I'm in love with the Dolce Vita shoes. Love.

Ok, so maybe it's just lust. But don't tell the shoes.