thinking about pixie

her latest look has me thinking about a pixie cut. it works in cycles - i grow it out to put it in a pseudo pony, i cut it all off, i grow it out to put it in a pseudo pony, etc etc.

images from fred flare & people.


DESIGN DIG said...

i am the saaame way! and after seeing how unbelievably cute this pixie is, i reeeallly want to just cut it all off!! do you think your going to do it?

DaniFineporcupine said...

WOAH,., that IS AMAZINGGGGGGGG. it's perfect.

erika said...

the same with me. just got my hair cut yesterday and i'm sure it wont be long and I will be dreaming of long hair and will want to grow it again. five years of growing, half a year of keeping it short and than five years of growing,... on and on it goes, regards from vienna, erika