happy holidays

another snowy day here in seattle - what a wonderful way to spend the holidays - nustled up, eating, drinking coffee on the couch, reading some david sedaris, watching movies & spending time with friends & family or taking walks along snowpacked sidewalks all bundled up in your wooly cape, big cap & mittons.

i miss home on days like today, but feel grateful for the wonderful place i've created here in seattle. to all of my friends back in michigan, living on the east coast, in cali or across the ocean - happy holidays, i love you all very much. to my family in michigan - i miss you greatly, you will be in my heart as usual. i'm off until the 29th - happy holidays, enjoy the company you keep & the place you call home.

photo courtesy of the lovely miss olivia bee.


MiyaSohoza said...

You're so lucky! It's pouring rain and 43 here in KY, not as pretty...

Uncle Beefy said...

HAPPY HOLLA-DAYS! What, what? Snow shizzle!