holiday decoration

i'm not going to over do it this year, but i would like to make my apartment cozie with a few accoutrements. i think i'll do some simple white lights in the window, this pink tinsel wreath, a felt garland or 2 (maybe i'll make?), some antique ornaments in a glass jar & since i'll be celebrating in seattle this year, 2 stockings for bart & i (i love a stocking). for all you single ladies & childless couples - how much do you decorate?

ornament image from tw collins, garland from miesmama.


jess gonacha said...

oh, those leaves!!! i love them and want to string them all over my house. ok, i'm going to buy some felt.

Shannon said...

Last year I went crazy with decorations, garland through the whole house, lights and all kinds of craziness. This year just the basics, tree, wreath, table top. Our apartment complex has a decorating contest where you can win "rent credits" and I was pumped about it, until I heard that people have custom made Santa blow ups and now I think I may pass. That is not really my scene.

Leah said...

Happily, I have a fireplace and a mantle which I have already decorated with lights, garland, fair trade silver star garland, candles and a silver tinsel mini xmas tree rooted in a silver sparkle pot. I live with my boyfriend and his stocking from West Elm arrived today. He's a little bah-humbug about the holidays so that is about the extent of our decor. Oh, and my xmas cow lights in the kitchen, of course. Once I am out of grad school, I am hoping to get more lights and go a little crazier with wreaths and such.