sometimes i wish

i was looking at youngna park's portfolio thanks to please sir & i couldn't help but think, "what if i had one really solid talent, love, skill, passion?" what would life be like? would i excel at that one thing, so much that it paid the bills in a big way or would i have to work a day job that i dreaded, so that i could afford to buy that really nice camera, paint set, handsaw?

i wish that i only took photos so that i could spend every free moment learning about lighting, styling & after effects.

i wish that i only designed interior spaces so that i could spend my days flipping through product magazines, learning about the latest & greatest fabrics & materials & finding lovely pieces at flea markets & small shops.

i wish i could spend all day as a print designer & printer so that i could know every font, color swatch, style & every influentual man/woman to be in the industry. i'd spend my time making kitschy prints & pulling ink over them.

i wish i was an illustrator. i'd spend my evenings with a sketchbook telling stories through characters & chalked environments. i'd send my work to magazines & do editorial pieces.

i wish i was a full time crafter/diy specialist. i'd know where to find the best deals & how to embroider every stitch there was. i'd make priceless gifts for friends & family, maybe even write a book or two.

i wish i were a stylist & spent most of my time creating the perfect mood. i'd collect housewares & vintage shoes, aprons & furniture. i'd know the best places in town to do a shoot & just who to call when i need the right dress or suit.

again i'm reminded of what my parents used to always say, "you can wish in one hand & shit in the other. see which one fills up first."


please sir said...

Thanks for the link love! I FEEL THE SAME EXACT WAY! Seriously...to the last word. I want to do creative things ALL day and not come to dreaded, uncreative (but pays the bills)work. I want to learn, learn, and learn some more. I have a hard time being "great" at one thing because I'm way too curious. I want to be "good" at lots of things and always be dipping my mind into something new. Great topic to explore!

Malinda said...

Echoing the sentiments here as well. I design textile repeats as a hobby, which means - I have tons of patterns that never add up to a collection because I don't get to do it all the time and think about it all the time.

but - I have some of the same wishes as you too Dottie.

Anonymous said...

I feel EXACTLY the same way. I love your blog!

PJ said...

For as long as I can remember, I've felt the same way. To my frustration I've always been a "jack of all trades, master of none." Because I have so many interests, I never took the time to really focus on becoming the best I can be in just one. I suppose having many things I'm OK at makes me a more well-rounded person than being EXCELLENT at just one thing. Still... it would be nice to best the best at something.

jess gonacha said...

argh.... story of my life! glad i'm not the only one. :)