2009 to do list

here we are, another year passed, another one under our feet. it's been an interesting one. i've seen many friends leave seattle & america, some indefinitely; i miss them all terribley but know that they are living out their dreams, taking next steps in their lives & seeking adventure. amongst departure, there have been several arrivals. i've made invaluable connections & friendships this past year; i owe big ups to elaine in dc for most of these (we pour some out for you). i've also made wonderful friendships through this very venue, finding endless inspiration & advice from other bloggers & artists. it'd be wrong not to give a shout out to another wonderful year with my man, a constant source of support, love & encouragment - love love. i feel blessed to have had a year filled with wonderful people & friendships, lots of design & craft projects, the discovery of good music, food & film, solid work & a new president-elect with a optimistic look on america. cheers to 2008 with hope & excitement for 2009!

a new year is a new moleskin planner, with lots of empty pages waiting to be filled with notes on life & things to do. after a wonderful 2008, i am proud to say that last year's list left only one item unchecked - a trip to europe (only to be added & crossed off in 2009); this year's list is a little shorter, but filled with ambition.

the standard lose 10lbs, tone up - i am slowly inching my way out of every pair of jeans i own, must stop now!

visit a new exhibit once a month, aiming for new galleries.

show at i heart rummage - cheater, i had set up for dec 21 but it got cancelled, i'm all ready & raring for this one.

organize & plan a diy night at faire gallery & cafe.

try a new recipe 2x a month.

discover more - visit other neighborhoods, towns, shops & restaurants. canon beach & the olympics a must.

up the frequency of freelancing work - identity, posters, postcards

visit europe - stockholm, copenhagen, germany & london.

start & finish one large, involved art project - maybe a short book or magazine, large wall hanging, series of posters/prints, notecard collection.

learn how to use my lovely compact nikon, take a stab at styling.


copperseal said...

lovely post - good luck to you and all of your 2009 ambitions!

Lilooland said...

Happy New Year!

please sir said...

Love your list - stick to it and all this and more will happen! Happy New Year!

Katie said...

Your resolutions sound great. It always feels good to look back on the ones that you made the year before and realize that you really have made progress!

design for mankind. said...

eek! we're in print magazine, dear! did you know this?