eyebrow love

i've always liked the olsen twins, i think i've watched their e! true hollywood story a gazillion times. i mean, i liked them before they were high fashion; i thought they were intriguing when they were designing & selling tween clothes at big box stores in 2000. but right now, i mostly love ashley olsen's eyebrows & after last night, i am sporting my own full-yet-groomed set.

i'm a dedicated wax on patron (& will still visit sara for all waxing not brows), but i couldn't resist getting an eyebrow wax right after a haircut within the same salon. i booked a waxing with belinda at vain & i'm so happy i found her (she's the sweetest thing) - $25, hard wax (gentler on skin), some eyebrow rubbing love & a brush of powder to conceal the red. it's love.

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