not enough time in the day, week, month

do you remember those carousels on playgrounds; the ones that make you sort of nauseous but are really fun? quite honestly, january has felt a bit like that. it seems as though i'm the one spinning it & is going much faster than i can run.

i can't even place why it's felt hectic, all i know is that i'm ready for february. don't get me wrong, jan was lovely - filled with midwestern travel, birthdays, volunteering with sos & riding with the ladies from sgs, looking for apartments, pushing hard in the gym & seeing results, learning about my new camera & spending time with friends. ok, sounds like i do know why it's been so hectic. even so, i'm ready to get my after work life back on track, to the point where i can recall what i did the week before & cross some goodies off my to do list.

i'd also like to find a way to continue the good stuff coming on still dottie; quite honestly, i've been slacking. i just hate to post stuff i don't love & right now, my love has been off the internet.

bear with me. i'll try to catch up & hop on the carousel.

photo by manyfires.


jamie said...

i hate that feeling. i always feel like i need one extra hour in the day to really get into the stuff i love. one less hour of work to add one hour for me, please!

please sir said...

I don't like that feeling either, although I do love those carousels. Hang in there...I think we're all in the same boat (or carousel?).

Maureen said...

Hang in there...I like stopping by your blog!