tec petaja photography

black*eiffel posted the work of tec petaja & i had to know more. i try to avoid reposting other blogger's content, but after browsing his portfolio i discovered that he was born & raised in michigan. now, i have a sick obsession where i email anyone who's work i enjoy that has a tie to michigan (my home state) & email then - i wanna know if we know the same people, grew up in the same area, etc. turns out tec grew up just a few miles from my hometown & in the city i had to drive to in order to see a movie, get clothes or have a martini in any sort of downtown. check out his work - it's so yummy - i want a photoshoot with him!


copperseal said...

his portfolio is so classy ;) thanks for sharing!

The Lil Bee said...

I can see why you'd be obsessed. These are gorgeous and very ethereal. I love how the colors are somehow saturated and faded all at once, especially in that middle shot.