bi-monthly recipes

i'm two months into the year & i have to say that i'm steps closer to crossing a few things off that 2009 to do list. i'm 8 lbs into the 10 lb weight loss, have tickets for my european vacation & have my hands in many a new recipe. i highly recommend these:

still dottie recipes - betty crocker cc cookie dough brownies from bakerella

betty crocker chocolate chip cookie dough brownies with a ganache frosting from bakerella. in honor of my birthday tomorrow, i decided to bring these into work along with the usual friday treats. i felt straight out the midwest last night as i assembled these; it almost felt ridiculous.

still dottie recipes - lentil soup from 101 cookbooks

i made this lentil soup a week or so ago & let me tell you - it's made the perfect lunch or side dish most days. another goodie from 101 cookbooks.

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Shannon said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was a good one and I imagine it was by looking at those brownies.