s'more please

still dottie bakes s'mores - photo by tonya doughty

sunday was such a wonderful day, filled with coffee, fried eggs, cookie dough, walks to the park, movies, jammies, friends & yes, s'mores. my good friend chris is in town from manhattan, last week we discussed the idea of making marshmallow & set a date for sunday.

it didn't take long for it to become much more - s'mores from scratch. we started with a simple mallow recipe & a goodie from 101 cookbooks for graham crackers (have i told you how much love i have). after our failed attempt at the marshmallow (quick to the boil & not enough mixing), a product that looked like meat jell-o & tasted like gummy vanilla squares, we found this lovely recipe from epicurean. ta da - we had cups & cups of beautiful fluff that sat & turned into the most beautiful marshmallows. layer it up with the crackers, thursday's ganache - take a creme brulee torch to it & there you go.

i definitely recommend both recipes as the s'mores could be the perfect dessert for any type of event - birthday & dinner parties, baby & bridal showers or the marshmallow squares could make a lovely gift tucked into a canning jar.

photo by tonya doughty.

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please sir said...

YUM YUM - sounds like an edible delight of a time!