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still dottie fashion blitz - anthropologie finds

still dottie fashion blitz - anthropologie finds

i love these spring/summer dresses from anthropologie, after trying them both on i couldn't choose between them. i brought them home & now i'm not sure i can part with either. they seem perfect for the wedding & european vacation; they both fit well & are versatile (day, night, dress, casual). if you find two dresses that are lovely - do you invest? in other words, can i keep them both?


natalie gordon said...

I love *love* both. Keep them! You will get a lot of use out of both.

I miss anthropologie.

Javacurls said...

Oh, they're both lovely! So... I think it's mandatory to keep both. lol! ;) I'm not sure where in Europe you'll be traveling but you may want to bring a cute little sweater to go with each of these dresses for those cool days/evenings. Cheers!

Bridget said...

If you can commit to using both of them, do it. I made my mother gasp when I came home from shopping one day with five dresses (!) -- but I explained that I loved how all of them fit, and I could wear them during the summer alone and layered during the winter...since then, none of the dresses I have tried on have fit quite right, so I'm really happy I made the decision to buy and keep all of them.

anonymously chic said...

they're both adorable. keep them!