found tulips

still dottie goes tulip crazy

jaime & i went up to the skagit valley tulip festival on saturday to check out the tulips; they were being shy & we're considering another trip up in a week or so. this family was so colorful & happy, i had to snap a shot.

i'm in the middle of packing up my apartment, working & enjoying these days of seattle sun. i'm super excited to get into the new place. i can't stop thinking about sofas & dining tables. right now i want a grey sleeper sectional or sofa with a chaise & a farm table. not too much to ask right?


please sir said...

Wow - really amazing shot that captures the event and moment. I just moved too - UGH - the hell of packing! Good luck - you will feel good to get it all done!

Kacey said...

This picture is so beautiful! Amazing eye Ann...I love it.