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still dottie music to listen to - wildbirds & peacedrums

i first heard swedish husband & wife duo, wildbirds & peacedrums, when they opened for lykke li earlier this year. there is a bit of a different energy on stage & the upcoming album vs their 2008 release, heartcore. she's fascinating to watch & again, i'm drawn to feminine (airy, strong, haunting) vocals over heavy, consistent beats. the latest single, there is no light, is available from the leaf label shop now, but you'll have to wait for snake to be released april 13. you can pick up their previous albums here.

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Jennifer Ramos said...

NICE! i had never heard of this duo before...thank you so much i am now looking for their album. She's so cool!

p.s. I;d love to exchange links with you...let me know.

Jen Ramos
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