fashion blitz

we are just 8 days from my big adventure! i am flipping out & starting to get down to the bare bones of what i need to bring, buy here, buy there for my trip. i plan on biking & walking around most of the time; today, i look to european street style for inspiration.

copenhagen cycle chic
looks like i need to bring my trench. photo via copenhagen cycle chic.

copenhagen cycle chic
my big fatty scarfs & some dark jeans. photo via copenhagen cycle chic.

i also think that i'll pick up an aa pencil skirt, pack a few summer dresses, basic tanks & fun accessories - i can get everything else there right?


hair accesories said...

Yeah, I think you can get there everything you need. Why don't you try to include some hair accessories on your fun accessories list. Wearing some of them are also a great way of expressing summer fashion.

Shannon said...

You must be so excited for your trip. I am excited and I'm going away for the weekend. Will you be blogging while you are away?

Dottie said...

where are you off to ms shannon?

i'm getting super excited & am still trying to figure out if i'll be blogging. i assume i'll do a couple posts a week, i mean, blogging is crack.