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parisian macaroons at bakery nouveau - west seattle

parisian macaroons at bakery nouveau - west seattle

next time you have a couple hours to burn & want something hearty, delicious & beautiful - visit west seattle's bakery nouveau. you can smell it from a block away! not only was the food delicious, atmosphere perfect, but the staff was really helpful & friendly. the macaroons melt perfectly in your mouth; i gave the raspberry one a shot, but fell in love with the salted caramel.

on a side note, there is an antique mall in west seattle that i'd love to go back to. they had great dishware & some even better oil paintings for reasonable prices.

images via bakery nouveau.


Anonymous said...

oh salted caramel macaroons... there is a shop in Portland called Pix Patisserie that has amazing macaroons and it's always a toss up for me between the salted caramel and the creme de cassis.

Caleb said...

I had a mother's day cake from there last weekend, accompanied by 20 big-ass chocolate covered strawberries. delicioso

jamieofalltrades said...

I need to go to there!