bike love in stockholm - days 6 & 7

the last two days in stockholm were wonderful & while i'm nursing a cold & treating the largest blemish ever know to my face - i enjoyed every minute.

after yesterday's trip to the archipelago, i had to some time to take pics of all the stylish bike commuters coming from the north & heading to the more residential areas in sodermalm.

we decided to hit up the national museum before catching our train to copenhagen at 2pm. the national museum was fantastic, one floor of amazing paintings from 17th - 19th century europe & another with the history of applied design (product design) in sweden. i could have stayed for another 2 hours, taking in the details of each painting. while surrounded by the works of rembrant & monet, i found that i was struck by swedish artist anders zorn & most of the 18th century french work.

after that, it was sad to say goodbye to the lovely swedes, but very exciting to head to copenhagen. the train was quick & comfortable; towards the end of the trip we realized that the two couples next to us were part of a band - listening in to words like gig & promoter. as we exited, bart convinced me to just ask what band they were in - i was excited to hear in response - glass candy & desire. as you may remember, they were my music to listen to a while back. it looks like i'm on the guest list +1 for the june 18th show in berlin - anyone want to join me?

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naturally nina said...

love these pictures! :)