city encounters from lonely planet

i just wanted to take a minute to recommend the lonely planet city encounter books for anyone traveling in the near future. i purchased these well-designed little guys by complete chance & couldn't be happier. each book is pocket sized, easy to read & will only cost you $9 or so. i usually find lonely planet books to be text heavy forcing you to map out your itineraries, work out neighborhood characteristics yourself & really sit down to think about your approach to the city (gosh, can i get one for seattle?). the books are also perfect for discreet decision making as well - no more pulling out a huge map given at the hostel to find your next destination.

each book is something like this:
- start off with 10 things not to miss, lovely pics & brief descriptions
- one, two & three day itineraries
- calendars & events
- neighborhood overview with easy color map & description giving general thoughts & places to see
- neighborhood breakouts with a detailed map, sights to see, food, drink & play each keyed on a map
- neighborhood spot details, quick write ups with logistical stuff
- snapshots (including design, shopping, fashion, gay & lesbian, architecture, museums, kids)
- city history & backgrounds, transportation info, language guides, etc
- full tear out map in the back

i also saw the wallpaper series, but these seem to be a little more posh than is realistic for me. i mean - maybe in a few years.

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