julie & morgan 4 eva'

at any point in the weekend we had 8-10 girls & one male trooper in tow. most time was spent drinking short's brew, laughing & telling stories. it takes us a while to get anywhere, but i was so proud. we got to the church with enough time to take some completely distasteful pictures. once inside, we took an entire row at the church & we couldn't have been happier than to be celebrating such a great partnership & love together. they both looked amazing & so happy.

the reception was fantastic, filled with great food, music & people. we even got to spend a while dancing to morgan's band play (everything from phish to rolling stones). the entire celebration was finished with a lovely brunch & bloody mary's at julie's sister's house. the sun was beating down, the food was delicious - it was the perfect afternoon after a perfect weekend. congrats julie & morgan!

for more pics check here. top image via meranda.

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