second & third days in stockholm

aside from the cold & occasional rain - stockholm has been wonderful. i was lucky enough to meet two wonderful girls, one from munich & the other from quebec. we've been good about making meals at the hostel & seeing the sites, despite the conditions. stops included the showcasing a recently recovered war ship that sunk on its maiden voyage in the 1600s, picking up some pastries from an adorable bread shop in sofoo, a small bar up the street that was filled with young swedes listening to beastie boys & a-ha, the vasa museum, museum of modern art, the museum of architecture, & continued shopping & exploring. the museum of modern art (moderna museet) had a wonderful collection, as well as beautiful exhibitions from clay ketter & reality revisited (a photography collection). the museum is just beautiful, with design that simply blew me away. i wish i could have had my camera, but i think that without it i enjoyed the experience much more.

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