two days in london

i got into london (camden town) monday morning feeling pooped, totally pooped. i laid around for a bit then decided to run some errands - groceries, cash & sim card (& a walk through part of the camden market) - before taking a nap in regents park. i met up with marques & friends at inamo in soho, followed by drinks at the spanish bar (a place i'd like to hit up again - killer jukebox, tiny space).

today was the geffrye museum (thanks to paola from mirror mirror - great suggestion) & the shoreditch neighborhood, alongside brick lane & redchurch road. the geffrye was such a fun experience with its front lawn, period gardens, english interior displays (from the 17th century to the 20th) & special exhibit by mark cowper. as much as i enjoyed the collections & exhibits, i also liked watching all of the kids there & how interactive the organizations is - having kids think about design & draw their favorite item. after an hour plus there i set out on foot, exploring & snapping pics. i stumbled upon idea generation where they were showing a photo exhibit of john hopkins that had me smiling & covered in goosebumps. marques mentioned the white cube gallery in hoxton square, featuring a show by raqid shaw - so i ate lunch in the square then went to see that (beautiful, vibrant & disturbing all at once). from there on my day consisted of stopping into great vintage shops, jewelry boutiques & more before setting back to make dinner.

i'm loving london, but having a hard time prioritizing the things i want to see & do. on the list - tate modern, borough market & a south bank walk; saatchi, v&a museum; a day taking in notting hill, bike rides, wimbledon, westminster & tower bridge, more covent gardens & soho - the days are too short!

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paola said...

I'm so glad you liked the Geffrye -I love it and don't understand why it's not better known.

And yes, you'll never be able to fit it all in. You know what they say, 'when you're tired of London, you're tired of life...