my last day abroad

saturday night in london was a ton of fun. we went out dancing & found ourselves on crowded dance floors celebrating the music of michael jackson. on our trip home we grabbed tall boys of stella & donner kebabs - ohhhhh late night london. the next day we headed out on foot to hamstead heath (a great spot for panoramic views of london without the $40 price), stopping at chewie's bakery & deli on the way. i'll tell you, i was pooped on my last night in london & spent the night packing, napping & watching to boob tube.

i went into total body shutdown (tbs) the minute i arrived in michigan. i meant to post about my last day in london when i got home, but i've had a hard time even getting out of my pajamas. it's been chilly & rainy here in fife lake, but it's nice to be with my family, cozed up playing cards, baking & lounging around.

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