handmade days

last week my company announced that it would be going to a 4 day week (thursday is the new friday), still feeling the strain of a struggling economy. it's been bittersweet; i'll feel this in my cashflow, but i'm super excited to have the time & energy to devote to all of the other things in life that make me tick. i'd like to say that i have a huge project that i'm taking on, but quite honestly, i've discovered that isn't how i work. i'm going to use this time to focus a bit more on iva jean rides. it's a side project that needs a little more personal time (away from the computer) than still dottie; i hope to get in a fun bike ride every friday & map it out along with the great stops around seattle along the way. i'm also hoping to create some fun printed materials promoting seattle biking. lynda.com is also on my list, i'd like to get in a few hours of continued education each week (web design, animation here i come). i'm also hoping to finish up an embroidery project, keep on the sewing kick & try out a few of those new handmade goodies that pop up on my radar. this all brings me around to this - thursdays are no longer for shopping & will be dedicated now, to creating! every week i'll be bringing you one or two fun things to make in your downtime.

this week it's embroidery! i started a mixed-media piece (felt, linen, embroidery, maybe acrylic) a while ago & has been sitting untouched & sad on my side table for months now. after seeing these samplers on purl bee (via one pretty thing), i'm ready to pick it back up! aren't these two color stripes just perfect!!!! purl bee takes you through step by step for each stitch with detailed & clear instructions.

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