paper napkin ring tutorial

after deciding to host a small dinner last friday, one thing i wanted to have was napkin rings. i thought about different methods, maybe even buying some. in the end i decided to go handmade & this is how it happened...
  • using a digital publishing program (i used indesign; photoshop, paint or even word would work), place or insert your favorite image or photograph onto 8.5 x 11 document. i used texture images downloaded free from smashing a few months back.
  • print your sheets onto cardstock (+/- 80# paper).
  • cut each sheet into 1.5" strips.
  • fold your napkin & silverware into a roll like this.
  • wrap one paper strip around the roll to see how big it needs to be.
  • keeping that measurement in tact, use an embroidery needle & contrasting thread to make a couple straight stitches where the circle meets.
  • trim the thread & tie in a quick knot.
  • trim extra paper overlap.
  • slide the paper ring over the roll & you are set.

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