found mixology

this isn't a new find, we've been sipping on the inside kid since early spring. but, it was last night that bart & i had one of the best we've had & named it the inside kid.

it started at via tribunali, where they suggested a makers, campari & grapefruit juice over ice, with a blood orange garnish. the drink was a delicious sipper, a drastic change from my standard vodka soda with lemon. the next was at a friend's party where he poured me a whiskey, campari on the rocks - it was a little stiffer, but still a solid choice. at this point, i was hooked. having a drink that no one knows gets tiring, especially when you haven't perfected it yourself. we had many terrible versions (garage, chutneys) & we've had some great ones (oddfellows, pink door). pink door made it official:

1 part makers (or whatever whiskey)
1 part campari
splash of sweet vermouth
served on the rocks with an orange garnish.

the perfection of the drink & our goofy moods made naming it at that moment neccessary. bart insisted on inside kid, i think it's a sexier drink. his argument - the drink is so classy & sexy that the name then becomes that. sure. so there it is, a found cocktail now known as the inside kid. learn it, drink it, love it.

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