found goodness - sunday morning in tacoma

i went down to tacoma this morning for the nw trend show & on my way home i got the chance to snap some pics of pacific avenue. every time i drive this strip i want to bust out the camera; today was the perfect day for it - crisp, blue skies. tacoma is such a beautiful, but seemingly empty. i stare out at the port, all the cranes & large industrial buildings; all of this is paired with a quaint historic avenue with lovely old buildings, museums & public plazas - but it is so quiet.

another tip to all my favorite seattle readers - please please eat at afrikando afrikando. it is so delicious, the price is right & the people are friendly. there are some things you should know before going - it takes a while, the pace is slow & there is no booze (but the juices are to die for, tamarind & ginger, yummm). still, it's some of the best grub i've had in months.

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