music to listen to - two days of live

i was lucky enough to see two wonderful shows last week & that's it - my music to listen to.

regina spektor has a new album out (far) & played a great show at the paramount. she was an amazing performer, seemed to have a special place in seattle's heart - i didn't want the show to end.

i got in to san francisco on wednesday night, just in time for little dragon's show at the independent. their new album, machine dreams came out in september, but i just picked it up; it's super fun & has the same jazzy vocals as their first album - this time it just takes a few more notes from 80's synth pop.


Kristina said...

I LOVE Regina Spektor. I've been listening to her for a while. I keep waiting for her to come around my area. I'll have to check out Little Dragon!

Evan said...

We saw Spektor in DC, she's great.