fashion blitz - braids

more beauty than fashion - more style than beauty. i'm so inspired by big, chunky braids. dear hair, please grow fast & thick.

images from ulrika kestere, kathryn michelle, & kinneidigh garrett.


Reece's said...

I have been obsessed with braids lately too...cant get enough of them! That always seems to happen when I have short hair...thankfully this time its long, and I have been braiding like crazy! Thanks for the new ideas!

Alyson said...

I love braids, one of my favorite things about spring and summer actually. My hair is so thin though that I have to be careful how I do my braids. It can look a little pitiful haha! But I love the looseness of the last one.

handmade charlotte said...

i am so into braids right now! great post!!!