handmade days - stenciled leggings

stenciled legging tutorial from transient expression

yeah, there's a bit of a leggings debate. they aren't pants - i'm aware of that & argued it to my death a year ago. my question now, is how i'm supposed to ignore a trend that allows women to be fashionable in something so close to sweatpants. hell, there were sweatpants on the runway in ny.

until i realize what a silly phase this was, i will embrace it & even adorn the leggings with sweet little stencils.

thanks to transient expression for the idea & tutorial.

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Frank said...

Very tasteful. I made leggings and hand painted them her in Australia for 14 years and had to submit to whatever folks wanted to call them.
Leggings, tights, pants. At the end of the day the customer was always right. I did find that I sold more when I called them "dance pants".