letterpress wedding invites

letterpress wedding invites by ann deotte

letterpress wedding invites by ann deotte
i was lucky enough to work with some dear friends to create their wedding invitations. they wanted something that would be fun but romantic with a definite orange palette. i did some initial sketches for the floral border & bart was able to translate it into digital format. once they were designed, i sent them off to swash press (highly, highly recommended for all of your letterpress needs).

i'm really happy with how they turned out & am convinced that bart & i could make a living (or some pocket change) doing this.


Evan said...

People are already getting them and we're getting great reviews :) Thank you for all your hard work on these!

Jennifer said...

How beautiful. I worked on DIY wedding invites with my sister for 4 hours today!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,


Anonymous said...

I love the orange detailing. So pretty yet fresh!