found tool - vi.sualize.us

anthony lister
a chat over the weekend had me thinking about tools that would prove beneficial to me. the only thing i could think of that google hasn't already taken care of is an easy way to bookmark images. i currently right-click to save all images to my desktop then upload them to picasa libraries. this seems to work for the most part, but how great would it be to just save the thumbnail, then source and tag each image. well kids, it exists via we heart it, ffffound!, and vi.sualize.us (a great review of each here). ffffound! is invite only, boo. we heart it seems a little community intimidating. vi.sualize.us is a plug-in that allows you to right-click & add images to your library, sweet! i'm sold friends - you can check out my collection here.

art via anthony lister.

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