deck the halls

gnarls barkley were among others...jet, my chemical romance & the shins at the deck the hall ball concert at key arena thursday, dec 7. the biggest pull was definitely gnarls barkley. it starts with cee-lo, before this i admired him mostly for sky high with goodie mob and in da wind with trick daddy (trick love the kids). and then we have dangermouse...he had me at grey album, but ghetto pop life with jemini confirmed my love. when i saw the crazy video for the first time, i could hardly contain myself. not only is their music different and fun, but their whole approach to the collaboration was done with a stroke of genius. they came with humor, creativity & talent...from publicity photos & album art to the way they tour (dressed as the cast from austin powers at the deck the hall ball in seattle). you can find photos of cee-lo & dangermouse dressed as cheech & chong, napolean & pedro, wayne & garth and much more.

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