out at steven's

there are a few dominant reasons that i like winter...tights, comfort food & snowboarding. after riding on the same board since my freshman year in high school (bear in mind my four years of college only saw one to three trips to the hills a season & this is in mi, not much reason for new gear) i decided to get new equipment. i have had a royal blue sno con hoodie from my brother since i started riding; it was naturally my only retail option. i bought 32 boots and a rome board & bindings. i love them, i never knew that feet could stay warm & comfortable while snowboarding.

i made it up to stevens pass the last two saturdays and couldn't be happier (although the second trip was probably my most worthless performance in years). the first weekend we went up not knowing what conditions would be and ended up spending the day in 32 degree weather, light snow & fresh powder. yippy! the second weekend was after a huge storm, stevens was operating on diesel & generators...but they had gotten a ton of snow and had to open. the snow was pretty heavy & like i stated earlier...it was a rough day for me. but, i'm glad to have two days under my belt this early in the season and am anticipating many more days at stevens & the trip to utah!

i also have to say that mcdonald's has been an all too frequent saturday dining experience.

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