nature onesies

i can't tell you how happy i am with my first screen printing project. i received a speedball starter kit for christmas & finally broke it out in honor kacey's birthday (bring on the baby themed gifts). when i first opened the box, the instructions were intimidating. i read a little further & realized that the process was actually pretty simple:

i used adobe illustrator to create two illustrations & printed them out

i used a screen filler to paint the spaces i didn't want to ink on the screen (negative method) & let it dry overnight

i used a wide masking tape to cover the rest of the screen (paying extra attention to the spaces where screen meets frame)

i cut foam core squares to fit inside the onesies to protect the back from ink & placed the screen over them - once i secured the screen on top of the onesies (god bless masking tape) i poured on the raspberry fabric ink & used the squeegee to pull the ink back and forth the screen

i then let the ink dry for a bit & used printer paper to set the ink with a hot iron

*voila! cute little owl & fawn onesies.

happy birthday kacey & thanks to justin & yachi for feeding me & letting me take over their place.

*thanks captain

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Anonymous said...

Can you link me to the starter kit you used? :) Thanks!!