st patty's

it all started with an early morning excursion to south seattle for fabric & feather outlets (where chris & i were both very successful in our purchases). then we moved on to other endeavors including jeans & shaving cream. but the real adventure starts with the rain on the way to the market. we hiked down to get all the goods for our irish dinner that evening. we bought 6 lbs of brisket, 2 lbs of mussels, 1 lb of clams, a monster bag of vegetables (from a very entertaining vendor), a few cloves & we were off...back up to the hill with just way too much in our hands (bear in mind that at this point chris is dealing with the most burnt out, cranky 25 year old in seattle). we got to my place where the cooking started. the full menu ended up starting with pesto/goat cheese covered portobellas, mussels & clams in a garlic butter sauce, brown soda bread, green beans, corned beef brisket & cabbage with potatoes & carrots & finally cupcakes with green frosting & sprinkles. the night continued on & was filled with 6 bottles of wine, two cases of beer (good ol' beer pong), cribbage, dancing & finally the canterbury.

see more commentary at allyourmuscles & pics from justin. check out eric's pics too.
thanks again to t & chris for helping me pull off dinner for 15.

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