paint instead of wallpaper

ta-da! i finally finished my series of damask patterned paintings. the process was simple, but slow.

  1. had my awesome wood master friend cut me 3 16" by 16" wood panels
  2. found damask pattern online
  3. worked pattern in photoshop, increasing the contrast & changing to greyscale
  4. printed 22" by 16" modified pattern
  5. secured graphite paper between the wood panels & printed pattern
  6. used mechanical pencil to trace the pattern (which transferred it to the wood panel)
  7. filled in with a cool mint color & raw umber
  8. attach metal hooks to the back for hanging

i'm really pleased with how they turned out & am sure that the process will be repeated with other things i find. see more pictures

thank you to natalie @ craft: for posting the project!

on to screen printing this week.


bex said...

holy time consuming. but very pretty.

dottie said...

it was, especially since i redid the first completed panel because i hated the color combo. completely worth it though!

Madge said...

time well spent!

Ansley said...


Anonymous said...

These are FABULOUS!!! Where did you find the Damask pattern? I've looked at a lot of fabric/wallpaper sites and they only show a partial image which is annoying!! Great job, they would also be really cool enlarged on a 4'x6' size canvas.

dottie said...

i just saved a jpg from a wallpaper site. i was bummed to not have a full pattern either, but it ended up working ok. i do know that you can find full pattern components in clip art books, try dover publications.

Anonymous said...

2 years later, but these are still great! nice colour combination!