can't wait to meet her

i just got an email from michigan filled with pictures of my 8 months pregnant friend, kacey. i had to post this picture because she just looks so stunning & healthy. she's due one day before my trip back to michigan, which means i won't see kacey pregnant, but i'll get to hold the beautiful nora!

random kacey memory: it was nye 1991, i was in 5th grade & kacey was in 8th. our parents were friends and they had us babysit (actually they had kacey babysit, but told me i was helping) a couple of their mutual friends' kids while they all went out. it was the first time that i really got to know & hang out with kacey. at one point in the night, the youngest boy (a baby at the time) woke up crying. i remember going into the nursery with kacey & listening to her sing him back to sleep (she has a beautiful voice). she's going to be a great momma.

UPDATE: little miss nora riley was born this morning at 3am est. she's was 7 pounds & some odd ounces, 20 inches long. kacey was only in labor for 3 hours, that lucky lady. when i called this morning, aaron (her husband) was taking a nap with nora & kacey was filling out the birth certificate. i can't wait to get up to petosky to see the new family.

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