way enough

today was the last day of teresa's & my learn to row class at lake union crew; it started june 4th & went three mornings a week for a month. i can't explain the joy that is to be on the water, rowing your ass off & working as a team. we had all kinds of weather, raining & 45 to sunny & 75 (thanks to john & maryann for driving me to work that cold, rainy day), but i made it to every class. i rode my bike (downhill) to class 2 miles & to work 3.8 (not downhill) on my rowing days & am probably in the best cardio shape of my life.

some highlights of the class: dealing with tom's sweet bitchiness, getting stuck in the lily pads, the bald eagle, dealing with tom's appropriate bitchiness & that first time we went all 8 rowing. this is such a scattered post, but the point is that rowing has been an incredible experience & i hope to stay on the water through the summer. check out more pics.


Thom said...

'Bitchy' ???? Moi???!!!

dottie said...

notice the adjectives... sweet & appropriate.

it was a great month!