google image - dottie

my friend ragan did a google image search for her name & was freaked out by the results. i decided to give "ann" a whirl & was disappointed to find some sexy pic of a girl from thailand (but now that i do it again, i get ann coulter). i tried dottie & i'll stick with the above picture.

give it a try & send me your results!


Divya said...

there are a couple of famous bollywood actresses named "divya." they win the image search.

Casey said...

The first result for casey right now: http://www.karmatoons.com/girltoons/casey.jpg

Shahaf said...

First image for "shahaf":

Marques said...

So Marques Houston ruins me on the first name, but Jamglue comes through on the full name.

1st image for Marques

6th image for Marques (my fav)

1st for Marques Kirsch

Stina said...

3rd image for Stina McClintock http://www.lawprofessorblogs.com/lawlib/linkimages/shelving_in_silhouette.jpg

The first two are lame and coorespond to images that go along with some postings I did for a blog.